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It is our pleasure to offer our products of HAFIYA SOAPS. We have strived since 2019 to provide the best products and customer service to our agents and clients. The benefits of using this type of soap have been proven in ALL OVER WORLD.

Certified Organic HAFIYA Soap

We produce and distribute certified organic HAFIYA soap, scrupulously following the original recipe with quality ingredients, enthusiasm, and patience. The final product is of the utmost quality.

HAFIYA soap is a natural detergent, unequaled in the world, produced in the anicent madurai city. hafiya soap is prepared with organic cocount oil and organic natural ingredients and calls for a careful preparation, besides a very long drying time.

The Best Hafiya Soap

Our organic hafiya soap is recognized as one of the best in the world. We scrupulously follow the original recipe: high quality ingredients, cold processing, that natural quality that distinguishes it. Completely natural, this soap contains no synthetic additives or artificial colours or preservatives OR no animal fats or no more fattys acid . In addition to the oil, the saponification process uses the added ingredients of Sodium Hydroxide (lye) and water. You can read a short history of soapmaking here.

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From The Owner MRS G.SHEERIN

Thank you for visiting our website which we hope to provide information about our produce of HAFIYA soap which is made of Natural COCOUNT Oil. The Unique is the traditional hand-made way of producing this haiya soap.